Customer Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support  
  • Dedicated to customer service
  • Dedicated to long-term support
  • Direct with merchants      
  • Highest level of support
Merchant Support
  • Merchants will be trained the procedure on how to load their ATM.
  • Dispensed cash will be deposited into bank account designated by merchant as customers withdraw it.
  • Funds transfer via the Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House System (ACH) to designated accounts.
  • During the week, cash will be replenished within 24-48 hours.
  • Weekend transactions (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) deposited the following Monday.
  • Allow one more business day for holidays.
Installation & Servicing
  • Provide complete service, parts and labor package
    • Proven, safe and secure equipment
    • Expert ATM installation
    • Online monitoring and reporting
    • Highly skilled and certified technicians
Location Requirements
  • Dedicated Phone Line (Shared optional) DSL or Internet
  • 110V Power Source
On-Line Web Reporting
  • Free Access to Agents and Merchants
  • Gain vital information on your ATM’s performance:
    • Transaction volume
    • Bank deposits
    • Surcharge revenue
    • ATM balance
  • Warranty Program
    • Service Contract (24-Hour Response)
    • Parts
    • Labor
    • Free Supplies
ATM Ownership Programs
  • Purchase/Lease Program (Instant credit approval, in house leasing)
  • ATM Placement Program (Based on merchant qualification)
  • ATM Processing Program (Merchant owns an ATM Machine and 1st National ATM takes over processing that ATM and Provides warranty service.)
  • Special Events (Based on event attendance, smaller events may be charged a setup fee)
Purchase/Lease Program
ATM Express provides:
    • Free Shipping & Delivery
    • Free Installation & Training
    • Free ATM Processing
    • Free Lighted ATM Topper & ATM Neon Sign
    • Free Supplies (If merchant selects 5-Year Warranty)

    Merchant provides:

      • Phone Line, DSL  or Internet & Electricity
      • Cash for the ATM
Placement Program
ATM express provides:
    • ATM
    • Shipping & Delivery
    • Installation & Training
    • ATM Processing
    • ATM Service & Supplies
    • ATM Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Cash for the ATM (Optiona

Merchant provides:

    • Phone Line, DSL or Internet
    • Electricity
    • Cash for the ATM (Optional)
Processing Program

ATM Express provides:

    • ATM Processing
    • Free Supplies (If merchant selects 5-Year Warranty)
    • Warranty (5-Year Extended Warranty Program)
    • Free Real Time Web Reporting

Merchant provides:

    • ATM
    • Phone Line, DSL  or Internet & Electricity
    • Cash for the ATM